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abstract painting Free your wing

Music, smell, breeze, and all other feelings via senses are often my sources for inspiration. Recently I get images such as colors, motions, and shapes when I look at a person too!

Thus, the abstract painting on the pics was born. I was looking for an idea of the birthday present for my mother-in-law. But, no good ideas at all!! When I was thinking about her, I saw the image. The colors, motions, and shapes. Just like the painting I drew.

abstract painting free your wing

She got married with her husband in her early 20’s. Since then, she dedicated her life to her husband and her family by putting her individual life aside. In her 60’s, she spent her days for her husband’s suffering cancer at her home until he passed away. Now, she lives by herself at home with a lot of freedom. But I feel that she has struggled with figuring out how to swim a free ocean until now and then.

I think, she is a very unique and positive person. The Era she mainly has spent must be hard on her as a person who had her own style. Even though of her sacrifice for her family, not her self, her life brought her a lot of happiness too! You can tell when you see her son(my husband) and daughter because they are really kind and generous people. Now,  the next stage has come to her to enjoy her own personal life!

“Free your wings”

The title of the painting has come to me as I finished painting.

I always think that there are as many meanings as viewers who look at my abstract paintings beside of my prayers. I believe that my paintings will be shown to each person for different reasons for each viewers.

“Free your wings”

My husband says it is like a wing of Phoenix. My daughter says it is like a tail of dragon. My mother-in-law says that it is like warmed inner body. It is so interesting, isn’t it?!

I, as a painter, avoid to name my imaginations while I paint them. I want to paint just as fresh images in my mind without my consciousness. I just simply send the energy of prayer for happiness to every creations!

Well, various things are happening, and various people exist in the world. But in any circumstances, I really hope my paintings comfort and encourage you for your happiness. By looking at the paintings, you come back to your core whenever you get weak and tired. I believe that a painting can be a charm for your well-being!

Thank you always everyone!

See ya on next article!

free your wings